Welcome to the world of Aldo Zelnick

Who’s that kid with the squiggly yellow hair and the pint-sized paunch?
It’s Aldo Zelnick—star of the award-winning illustrated chapter books for kids 7-13! "Terrific series enjoyed by all readers and constantly in demand."— WA librarian

Aldo speaks
I'm starving. Do you have any bacon? It's about time you showed up! Go ahead—make my day. By getting me a slushie. Don't tell my mom, but I haven't showered for 5 days. You're not gonna make me go OUTSIDE and get FRESH AIR, are you? It's just a little baby fat! Pssst...Goosy. I need another sketchbook. Hey Mr. Mot. Quit hogging the audio dictionary. If you're happy and you know it, you must be playing video games. My birthday's February 14th. In case you're planning your gift-buying. If you see Jack, tell him he rocks. (Get it?) Aw c'mon Max. Eat my brussels sprouts! That's what dogs are for! Fans get sneak preview chapters. And other cool stuff. Diaries are for wimps. Sketchbooks are so much more masculine.

Looking for a smarter comic novel series?

Illustrated novels for kids 7-13, the alphabetical Aldo Zelnick series is available at independent bookstores, Barnes & Noble, Learning Express toy stores, and on Amazon. Order autographed copies at BailiwickPress.com!



Aldo, Marvin and The Moms find themselves on a Utah wilderness adventure!
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