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Welcome to the Aldo Zelnick audio-dictionary. If you’re reading an Aldo Zelnick book and you’re not sure how to pronounce any of the challenging words, just come here and we’ll pronounce them for you.

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  • A.K.A.

    also known as

  • aardvark

    some weird little animal that eats ants. But you know what's cooler? An aardwolf! For real! It's a stripy hyena-like guy with big ears that eats termites.

  • ABC gum

    It's Already Been Chewed.

  • abominable

    something that's so awful and bad that you need a fancy five-syllable word to say how awful it is

  • absurd

    something that seems like it's too ridiculous to be true (but just might be true anyway)

  • abut

    when two things join up right next to each other. Colorado abuts Nebraska. My back abuts my butt. (My mom says that's not appropriate.)

  • abysmal

    really, really, hopelessly bad (the abyss of badness)

  • accidentally on purpose

    pretending something was an accident when really it was completely and totally on purpose

  • acronym

    when you call something by its initials, like M.G. (Did you know that the word "scuba" is an acronym? It stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.)

  • acrophobic

    afraid to be in high places (Not me!)

  • ad nauseam

    over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, until you're so tired of it you want to throw up

  • addled

    confused and mixed up

  • adventure

    something you do that's thrilling, even if you don't know for sure that it's going to have a good ending

  • affably

    nicely, amiably

  • aficionado

    people who like something so much that they spend a lot of time and energy doing it and learning about it. For example, Jack is definitely a rock aficionado.

  • agape

    wide open

  • agate

    a kind of rock made of quartz, which is also a kind of rock, so...yeah

  • agitation

    being anxious and annoyed, together

  • ajar

    open just a little bit

  • alert

    I don't know...what's a lert? Do you have alert in your house? (Just kidding. It means paying close attention to what's going on around you.)

  • alien

    a being from outer space OR just somebody who's in a place where he or she doesn't belong, like me on a running track

  • allergic

    when your body says, "whoa, that stuff is really uncool" and gets all red and puffy to show its annoyedness

  • alliteration

    when you use a few words in a row that have the same starting sound, like... Jack jumped juice jars. (Jack says that's dumb.)

  • alluring

    smells or looks so good that you want to get closer to it, like just-baked chocolate cake on the counter

  • amalgam

    different things mixed together

  • ambidextrous

    able to do things with either your right hand or your left hand

  • ambitious


  • ambivalent

    when you feel both good and bad about something at the same time

  • ambled

    walked slowly, as if you didn't care

  • ambrosial

    I have no idea.

  • America's pastime

    our country's nickname for baseball. It means we love it so much it's like our national sport. Which is absurd.

  • amiable

    friendly, easy-going

  • amiss

    not normal or right. For example; A swing and a miss!

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