A-Z Audio Dictionary - D Words

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Welcome to the Aldo Zelnick audio-dictionary. If you’re reading an Aldo Zelnick book and you’re not sure how to pronounce any of the challenging words, just come here and we’ll pronounce them for you.

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  • d'anjou pear

    a fancy French pear that tastes like a basic pear

  • daffy

    dumb in a silly way. Like that old-time cartoon character Daffy Duck, who says, "dethspicable!*"

  • Dagwood

    I asked my dad what Dagwood means. It's some old-guy comic character.

  • daikon radish

    Proof of just how gross these giant white radishes are: "daikon" means "large root" in Japanese.

  • dastardly

    Sneaky and mean

  • dawdling

    being slow and lazy on purpose. Also called dilly-dallying

  • debris

    random, leftover junk. Pronounced duh-bree.

  • deceive


  • decent

    acceptable to Moms

  • deer in headlights

    when you're surprised by something and have a frozen, stunned look on your face

  • defenestrate

    to throw something out the window. Weird. So, are there separate words for all the places you can throw things? What's the word for "to throw something under your bed," for example? (My mom's word for this is: "pigsty.")

  • delectable


  • delicacy

    a food that's kind of rare AND delicious. But also possibly gross, like caviar (fish eggs), fern parts (called fiddleheads), and truffles (the mushroom kind, not the chocolate kind).

  • Delight, Turkish

    the candy that Edmund loves so much that he betrays his brother and sisters to get it. Hm. I might betray Timothy for a platter of crispy bacon...

  • delirium

    when real life feels like a dream

  • delusional

    thinking so crazy and wrongly about something that you're basically making things up

  • demanding

    difficult to do

  • Dementors

    those creepy, floaty Grim Reaper-type guys in Harry Potter that suck your soul out of your face

  • demolish

    to wreck and ruin

  • demoralizing

    something that really takes away your enthusiasm and happiness

  • denouement

    a Frenchy word that Mr. Mot taught me. Pronounced day-new-mah. It means the conclusion of a story--the boring part that's left after the exciting climax.

  • dense

    stupidly unable to understand something

  • depressor, tongue

    those extra-large wooden popsicle-sticks-without-the-yummy-popsicle they stick in your mouth at the doctor's office

  • derrière

    fancy French word for butt. (Jack didn't actually say derrière. He said butt. But I was trying to be polite.)

  • dervish, whirling

    OK, this is weird. A dervish is a Turkish monk. Sometimes dervishes do a dance where they spin around in circles. Somehow the phrase whirling dervish has come to mean somebody who's very fast and has lots of energy.

  • despair

    deep sadness that seems like it will never end

  • despicable

    mean and icky

  • destiny

    what's going to happen to you, whether you like it or not

  • destroyer

    someone who likes demolishing. Marvin's all tough in P.E., but he's a wimp in band, thank goodness.

  • determined (bound and)

    This is a phrase that means you're not just determined--you're really determined.

  • detest

    hate a lot

  • devastating

    something that brings you to your knees it's so bad

  • deviled eggs

    those kind of eggs that are hardboiled then cut in half, with some extra delicious stuff mixed together with the yolk. Yumbo.

  • deviousness

    when you're being sneaky to gain an advantage

  • devise

    think of a way to

  • dichotomy

    when two things that are very different are put together

  • die

    Two or more dice are called dice. One dice is called a die. Don't ask me why.

  • differ (beg to)

    a fancier way of saying disagree

  • dig

    a hippie word for "like," as in, "Do you dig doughnuts? I do!"

  • dime a dozen

    common; easy to get

  • diminutive


  • dimwit


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