A-Z Audio Dictionary - J Words

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Welcome to the Aldo Zelnick audio-dictionary. If you’re reading an Aldo Zelnick book and you’re not sure how to pronounce any of the challenging words, just come here and we’ll pronounce them for you.

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  • jabbering

    Talking and talking and talking away, sometimes when no one's even listening.

  • jack squat

    Nothing, nada, zero, zip, zilch, bupkis.

  • jacketing

    Wrapping a chunk of rock that contains fossils in a plaster cast. The plaster goes on wet but dries hard, like a piñata.

  • jackhammers

    A kind of power tool that smashes a chisel up and down repeatedly in order to demolish something. Awesome!

  • jackpot

    A bunch of money you more or less win (as opposed to working for it). That pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? It's a jackpot.

  • jackrabbit

    So, a jackrabbit is actually a kind of hare, not a rabbit. Who's in charge of these things? Sheesh.

  • Jacuzzi

    A kind of bathtub with water jets that move the water around and make it bubbly and massage-y.

  • jaded

    Expecting something to be bad or boring because you've noticed that it's bad or boring in the past.

  • jagged

    Uneven and pointy around the outside.

  • jaguar

    A kind of wild, big cat (think tiger but with spots instead of stripes and a little smaller) that lives in Mexico and South America. Even the solid black ones have spots.

  • jalapeño

    A spicy green chile pepper. (I stuck a piece on the cover.)

  • jam-packed

    Stuffed totally full.

  • jambalaya

    A spicy stew made with sausage and shrimp and chicken (3 meats!) and some vegetables and rice (but you can pick out the veggies).

  • jammies

    Cozy pajamas.

  • jamon-y-huevos

    Ham-and-eggs, baby!

  • jargon

    Special words you use for a certain topic or specialty.

  • jauntier

    More cheerful and lively.

  • javelin

    A really long, pointy spear used as a weapon in ancient times but now thrown just to see how far it can be thrown. Uh, yeah...

  • Jay-Z

    A rapper Timothy likes.

  • jazzed


  • je ne sais quois

    "I don't know what," it says in French. But really, it means "a certain special something."

  • jealous

    Wishing you could be as awesome or loved as someone else. For more coolness, say "jelly" instead.

  • jeepers

    An expression that means "holy cow!" or "wow!"

  • jeered

    Said loudly and disrespectfully in an "I can do whatever I want" way.

  • Jekyll and Hyde

    This famous character from some old book who was half nice, half mean.

  • jelly-bellied

    Chubby, especially in the gut area.

  • jeopardized

    Put in danger of being ruined or taken away.

  • jets, cool your

    Calm down!

  • jettison

    Get rid of because you don't need it anymore.

  • jeweler's glasses

    They're basically microscopes and glasses and lights made into one cool gadget.

  • jewelry

    Um, hello? You know what jewelry is. Do I have to tell you everything?

  • jibes

    Goes along well with; matches

  • jicama

    A crunchy, white vegetable that tastes halfway between an apple and a water chestnut and an Asian pear. In other words, pretty good—for a veggie.

  • jiffy

    Really fast and no-sweat-y.

  • jiggle

    Move back and forth a little bit.

  • jillions

    A really big amount, like millions or billions, except it's a made up number.

  • jinxed

    Ruined by causing bad luck to happen.

  • jittery

    Shaky and vibrate-y and weird.

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